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For art’s sake

It’s surprising just how artistic the Palm Lake Resort Toowoomba resident community is. In celebration of all things art on the Range, our resort is excited to host the inaugural Pinnacle Art Festival in June. Generous participating artists will donate 20 per cent of all sales to the QIMR Berghofer Institute. Toowoomba Pinnacle resident Clive Berghofer (one of Queensland’s great philanthropists) will be officiating at the festival’s invitation-only opening night. There will also be an auction of feature artist Tracey Kellar’s work on the night, with all proceeds being donated to the cause. Following opening night, the art exhibition will open to the public on the weekend of June 15-16, from 10am-3.30pm.

While the Pinnacle Art Festival is bringing benefits to charity, art itself is bringing a host of benefits to those who indulge their creative streak. Studies show that participating in the creation of art can offer us more than something just pretty to hang on the wall. An article by United States artist and art therapy expert Barbara Bagan explains how participating in arts and crafts does everything from improving imagination and problem-solving skills to reducing the effects of depression. Picking up a paintbrush can even help those struggling with Alzheimer’s or dementia to realise new passions or skills.

Art classes at Palm Lake Resort Toowoomba, hosted by resident artist Judy Clarke, give residents the chance to mingle and challenge themselves while also learning new skills. You may find that retirement gives you the leisure time to finally start those things you’ve always wanted to do – creative talents can lay dormant until retirement provides the luxury of time!

But don’t stress if you don’t have that creative streak needed to produce a piece of artwork – studies also show that just viewing art has been proven to lower stress and reduce negative moods and anxiety. All the more reason to attend the Pinnacle Art Festival, we say!

Pictured above, Palm Lake Resort Toowoomba resident artist Toni Stevens prepares for the inaugural Pinnacle Art Festival in June.